Brand Vision

Under the leading of DND's open diagnostic platform, we are committed to building a leading open platform for automotive system diagnosis/OBD diagnosis technology.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive application service resources to developers and DIY users, including diagnostic product solutions, software SDKs, interface calls, keys, operation and maintenance monitoring, and other automotive diagnostic service resource management consoles. We aim to provide faster, more accurate, and higher-quality technical support for diagnostic applications and products, allowing DIY car owners, car enthusiasts, and regular car owners to enjoy the convenience and value of diagnostic technology updates. We are gradually establishing a community for developers and users to learn, collaborate, and share technology and product usage on the platform. Through this community, developers and users can work together to make more diagnostic products available on this open platform, providing users with a richer range of automotive diagnostic products and promoting the development of automotive diagnostic technology.

As the core feature of the DND open diagnostic platform, we provide the Automotive Intelligent Garage Cloud (AIGC) service. This service provides industry knowledge base and data services, integrating rich industry data and professional knowledge to comprehensively support and help developers and DIY users with development capabilities build smarter and more efficient automotive diagnostic solutions.

DND open diagnostic platform embodies our commitment and passion for automotive diagnostic technology. Through the power of the open platform, we provide innovative and efficient solutions for developers in automotive diagnosis and OBD diagnosis, enabling everyone to experience the value of platform technology. We are dedicated to providing innovative diagnostic tools and open diagnostic technology services to developers, DIY car owners, car enthusiasts, and regular car owners. We strive to be a cooperative partner for automotive diagnostic technology application service providers, offering reliable diagnostic function software development platforms, and jointly achieving breakthroughs and progress in automotive diagnostic technology.

Let's work together to create a new era of automotive diagnosis/OBD diagnosis technology!